You are the traffic controller and a thief has just robbed a house. The police is not catching the thief as the thief moves faster. So, it is up to you to trap the thief and help the police to catch the thief with the help of the civilian cars. Block the thief car from going to the outer road of the town by controlling the traffic in the town. The traffic can be controlled by changing the traffic signal at every place by tapping on it. The thief car is highlighted by pink light underneath him which is visible clearly. When the civilian cars stop at the red signal, it is an opportunity for you to stop the thief from reaching his destination. The thief can escape if he finds gaps between cars and reach his destination. To make things difficult for you, you can only turn 3 signals red at a time. When the fourth signal is changed to red, the first signal becomes green and the thief may escape. You need to carefully change the traffic signals from red to green or vice versa to trap the thief in one place for the police to catch.
Each and every car in the game move on their own using artificial intelligence (AI). The cars follow the traffic signals except for the thief, police and some cars which do not follow the traffic rules.
This game won the first prize in Game Jam Titans in Mumbai, India in the seniors group (13-15 years).
More updates are coming soon for the game, so do wait for them too.
Hope you enjoy the game and please give your invaluable feedback to us so that we can keep improving our game.

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